Unlimited Ratio on YGGTorrent with Ratio Master

What is the ratio on a torrent tracker? The ratio is the sum of the uploaded data divided by the sum of the uploaded data. If you upload as much data as you upload, then you have a ratio of 1. The vast majority of trackers use this concept in order to wage war on leechers: […]

The Best Sites to Find Serials And Keygens

In this article, we will tell you the best sites to find serials and keygens. Before we go any further, you might not all know what we call serials and keygen. Serial A serial is a serial number or digital product activation key, usually software. It is most of the time unique and is obtained when you buy a license of […]

Steps to Split Android Pie Screen

As we know, technological development is developing very rapidly. We can see this in the latest innovation from Google, which currently presents the latest operating system called Android Pie. Almost all smartphones of various brands and types released recently have carried this operating system. Even complete with a variety of interesting features in it, one of which […]

Steps to See Telegram ID 2021

Don’t know how to view Telegram ID? Relax, through the following discussion we have complete information about this, so stay tuned for this article until the end. Steps to See Telegram ID 2021 To find out the ID or Telegram user information can be done in a very easy way. In this process, you can see […]

This is The New Online Game Everyone is Talking About

Thanks to technological advancements, one can now play real-time casino games online over digital devices in their homes’ comfort. And you get dozens of casino games! One such game is the Lucky 7, which has taken the internet by storm. What is lucky 7? Lucky 7 is an online live dealer casino game that was […]

How to Configure a WireGuard VPN Server in pfSense

WireGuard VPN is a new robust and very fast protocol for creating virtual private networks, in this article we have seen how it is able to double and even triple the speed of OpenVPN or IPsec. This new VPN protocol is ideal for configuring remote access with mobile clients, whether they are smartphones, tablets or laptops […]

Tricks and Tips for YouTube

YouTube is one of the most versatile video services on the web. The Google-owned service allows you to search for and watch videos, create a channel to which you can upload your own videos, comment on others’ videos, share videos, create playlists to organize video content and live-stream your  PlayCroco Casino  and other gaming adventures. […]

Unlock The Hidden Functions Of Your Mobile With These Secret Codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes known as “quick codes”, is an extra-UI protocol, which allows people to access hidden features. This protocol was originally created for GSM phones, but it can also be found on CDMA devices. Unlock The Hidden Functions Of Your Mobile With These Secret Codes I know, I’m bombarding you with acronyms. Let’s […]

Persona 5 Strikers | Complete Guide To Bonding Skills

The bonding skills of the new Persona 5 Strikers, a new title developed by the  Omega Force  and of which you can find our review available, are bonuses that give collective advantages to the various members of the party. These are separate from individual characteristics, but can still influence the outcome of the battle. As you fight in […]