The 10 Best Voice Changer Applications to Enjoy!

Want to have fun by changing your voice to someone else? If so, you can do this with the best voice changer app. With this application, you can change your voice into a variety of unique voices, such as adorable animal voices, robot voices, to male voices to women.

Take it easy, to be able to get an application that can change your voice, you just need to download it on your smartphone.

Many free and paid applications that you can choose as you wish. Of course, it is equipped with interesting and exciting features. If you don’t know what the applications are, We have prepared an application recommendation.

10 Best Voice Changer Applications

You can use one of these applications to have fun changing your voice to someone else’s or other unique voices. Let’s look at the discussion.

Voice Changer – Funny, Effects & Recorder

Changing voice will be easier and more fun by using this application called Voice Changer – Funny, Effects & Recorder.

There are various kinds of amateur and professional sound effect filters, ranging from echo effects, ever, to rewind, which you can use for free.

Not only does it have a lot of sound wave filters, this application also features voice file sharing by chat chat.

Voice changer application with impressions

Is the best application that you can use, voice changer apk with the impression of providing various sound effects that you can use to change your voice.

Like changing your voice to helium, robots, telephones, Darth Vader Star Wars shop, and other sound effects.

And interestingly, you can save the modified voice recordings using this application made by the Baviux developer to be used as a ringtone.

Change My Voice

As the name suggests, Change My Voice can change your voice into a variety of different voices, from robots to cats to musical instruments.

With the sound filters provided by this application, you can change the original voice into other funny sounds.

Then, there are also filters to change the speed, pitch and amplification of the sound. How, interested in using it?

Voice Changer (Androidrock)

From the name alone, we certainly know that this application has a function to convert your voice into various types of voices.

Yes, by installing this application on a smartphone, you can change your voice to become a child, an old man, Chipmunk, a bee, to a robot voice.

It doesn’t stop there, there are also other effects that can be added, such as horror movie sound effects and others

Of course, how to change the voice using this application is very easy. You only need to record then select the sound effect.

VoiceFX – Voice Changer with Voice Effects

Then there’s VoiceFX – Voice Changer with Voice Effects which is also fun to use. The reason is, there are various kinds of unique and funny sounds that you can find here.

You can change your voice to a robot, druk, slow, fast, female, male, monster, alien, and many other sound effects.

After you finish recording the changed voice, you can immediately save or share it, guys.

Girls Voice Changer – Edit Pitch & Sounds Updates

Different from previous apps, this voice changer app lets you change your voice to a female voice.

Only by using Girls Voice Changer – Edit Pitch & Sounds Updates you can convert voices to adult women, girls, teenagers, and granny voices.

It’s definitely going to be fun to use to prank your male friends. What are you waiting for, immediately download this application now on your smartphone.

change your voice

An application called changing your voice becomes the next application that you can try installing on your smartphone.

With this application, you can change the original sound with the available effects.

Almost the same as other applications, this application also provides the sound effects of Helium, Fast, Slow, Chipmunk, Monster, Hexaflouride, and others.

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro – Voice Changer App

Different from previous applications that can be downloaded for free, to have RoboVox Voice Changer Pro you have to buy it first.

Even so, the application developed by the Microsonic developer has more than 32 interesting sound effects to choose from.

Then, there is also the Parrot Mode feature which allows this application to mimic your voice after you finish saying it.

voice changer (302 Losk Screen)

The next recommendation is a voice changer or voice changer managed by a developer called 302 Losk Screen.

Almost the same as the previous application, this application can also change your voice to various voices.

Among them are like changing your voice to become robots, bees, parents, and others. To do this, just record your voice and edit it using the sound filters provided.

Voice Changer -Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder

Voice Changer -Super Voice Effects Editor Recorder is a voice changer application that can change your voice to be a superhero. At least, there are about 20 superhero sound effects that can be used by its users.

In the Google Play Store, the application developed by SmartDroid Tech has been downloaded by more than 5 million users.

We have explained 10 recommendations for voice changer applications in this article. Hopefully the discussion delivered can be useful.