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How Does Android TV Work?

Where can I find Android TV? On a phone or computer, go to . At the top right, make sure you’re signed in to the account you’re using on your Android TV. Find videos to watch. At the top of the search results, click Services. How to connect to the Internet with Android TV? Using your Android […]

How to Activate Disney+ Hotstar Package in Telkomsel

In this sophisticated era, various activities and entertainment activities that use smartphone devices can be done anytime and anywhere. Various entertainment ranging from watching videos, playing games to watching movies or TV series is now easier. Talking about watching movies, lately there are quite a number of platforms that provide movie watching features with the concept of  online streaming . Of course you […]

How to Change the Background of Video Calls in Microsoft Teams?

With the great demand for alternatives to video calls, many users see  Microsoft Teams as one of the most viable, which in addition to being easy to use also has many tools that will help in many ways. How to Change the Background of Video Calls in Microsoft Teams? Despite being a good platform, this is […]

How to Configure a WireGuard VPN Server in pfSense

WireGuard VPN is a new robust and very fast protocol for creating virtual private networks, in this article we have seen how it is able to double and even triple the speed of OpenVPN or IPsec. This new VPN protocol is ideal for configuring remote access with mobile clients, whether they are smartphones, tablets or laptops […]

How to Connect Android Auto Without Cable

Android Auto is an excellent driving assistant designed to perform certain operations for the user while driving: it reads incoming SMS, writes and sends messages by dictation, finds points of interest and runs various entertainment applications, such as Spotify and YouTube Music; all with simple voice commands. How to Connect Android Auto Without Cable It is also […]

How to customize the sounds of your Mac computer

When a user comes into contact with any device, one of the most important ways that the device has to warn him that something is not working quite right or that he is performing an action that he should not is through sound, so today we want to talk about them of the sounds that […]

How to Enable VPN in Incognito Mode Google Chrome

A browser is an electronic search engine for accessing a wide variety of websites. Examples of browsers such as Mozzila Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Browsers can be used on laptops as well as smartphones and iPhones. Google Chrome provides many features to make it easier for users and is very user-friendly. Google Chrome is a browser that takes up the least […]

How to Get Free JOOX VIP & KPlus Forever on Android

JOOX is modern online music streaming service application. The JOOX application makes it easy for us to listen to millions of popular songs in the world. Besides that JOOX can also be an offline music player application if you have a song file on your smartphone memory. Playing songs on the Joox application can be online or offline provided that the […]

How to Get Main Mode Power Armor in PUBG Mobile

Power Armor is a new mode in the  PUBG Mobile game that will be available on Livik. Here, players will experience a more challenging, but exciting battle. Here are some tips and tricks for playing Power Armor Mode. Tactics in PUBG Mobile’s Power Armor Mode This new game mode will allow players to use dominant skills and leap and dash in Livik […]

How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome on a Laptop

The existence of pop up ads (ads that appear suddenly) on a laptop is very annoying. Try some of the ways to get rid of ads on Google Chrome on the laptops. How to Get Rid of Ads on Google Chrome on a Laptop The existence of advertisements that appear on a laptop or PC is […]